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Out and about – Lunchtime walk

It is so nice to have the weather that makes you want to get out during the working week. Its so easy to just sit in the office and not venture out all day. 

Had a bit of wander and took the camera the other day. Decided I would have a bit of black and white day. 

Finally getting out with the Camera

I am not a winter person. I don’t like the long nights and cold. It finally looks like spring is well under way and managed to get over to the heath with a couple of willing models the other day. I am definitely going to try and get out more. Hopefully I will be able to get out and about a bit more this year. 


Chubby Heart at Canary Wharf

Anya Hindmarch, the luxury fashion label, has suspended giant red heart-shaped balloons over London landmarks as a love letter to London. 

When they are just outside you building it would be rude not to have a photo. 

The sun is out – although there was rain too. 

Popped out to see Old Flo now she has been in her new home for nearly 6 months. 

Still people enjoying copying her pose and taking photos. 


Funeral Photos – Should you ?

In December we lost our mum quite suddenly. There was so much to do and so much to think about. Eventually came the question of photographing the funeral. Being a photographer I was all for it (although the family didn’t want me to do it). Some of the family wanted and some didn’t. Some thought it would be intrusive and just be a distraction.  I have photographed several funerals and I really wanted photographers. I asked my very special friend Cheryl Johnson from Feelgoodphotos to take photographs for us. I am so glad we did get them done. I think even the family members who had their misgivings were surprised that they weren’t morbid but a beautiful record of our goodbye to mum. 

I am a bit obsessed.

I work (as you must know if read my blog) at Canary Wharf. I have done for the best part of 30 years. I think I am getting a bit obsessed as a lot of my photography is done there. Anyway last week I was photographing a party on a river boat. Still I managed to get some shots of 20 Fenchurch Street (one of our projects), and Canary Wharf. 

It just had to be done! 


I met Frank Bruno a month or so ago and he is a really lovely fella.

He was back at Canary Wharf today for a book signing. Looking very dapper and not aged a bit since he was in the ring. 

2017 Frank Bruno

2017 Frank Bruno

2017 Frank Bruno

2017 Frank Bruno

2017 Frank Bruno

2017 Frank Bruno

2017 Frank Bruno

2017 Frank Bruno

It may not be December but Christmas has arrived

I know that shops kick up the Christmas campaigning almost after the kids go back to school after the summer holidays these days. Normally I would be tearing my hair out. I definitely wouldn’t be putting up decorations at home till well into December but the ones in the malls at Canary Wharf are lovely. 

Richard Bragg from RJB Floral Designs has done an amazing job. I think my favorites are the ceiling decs.  

Old Flo returns to the East End

After a long break up north Old Flo – or to call her by her proper title Draped Seated Woman makes a return to the East End of London. Henry Moore sold her at a very discounted rate so that the people of the East End of London could have her. For the next five years she will stay at Canary Wharf before being moved to a permanent location. 

Welcome home Flo. 

Opps been a while

Been neglecting the blog. Sorry. 

Life sometimes gets in the way. As much as I love Summer I hate Winter. The dark nights the cold, just not for me. The one good thing about the winter is that you don’t have to say up late or get up at stupid o’clock for sunrise and sunsets. Hoping to get some lovely winter light when its not grey and horrible like today.

Another lovely thing about the end of winter is the colours. Living in London you might think you don’t get to enjoy Autumn you really can.