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Street of the world Outdoor Photography Exhibition.


Dutch photographer Jeroen Swolfs spent seven years travelling the world and photographing the street life of 195 capital cities.

The result is Streets of the World, an amazing outdoor exhibition of 195 photo prints, a positive visual story of human connection and an intriguing glimpse of everyday life around the globe. Travel through the continents of Asia, Africa, North and South America, Europe and Oceania as you make your way through the exhibition at Canary Wharf and gain a fascinating insight into how our fellow humans live today.

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When photos are all you have left ….

I have always loved photos. Looking back and remembering a holiday, a school trip, a wedding etc. I also love historical photos that tell the story of human progression (or not in some cases). Just before Christmas my mum died quite suddenly and it has just reinforced how important photos are, especially when that is all you have of that person. I am struggling to remember mums voice but I can look at a photo a see her smile, or the colour of her hair. My siblings have been clearing mums house and one of the first things my brother said is we have found loads of photographs. 

When I think how important my photographs of my mum are to me it reinforces just how much the photos I do for Remember My Baby must mean to families who only have a very fleeting time with their babies. 

It has to be said – sometimes life is shit. Miss you mum xx

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Finally feels like spring has sprung – Blue skies and blossoms

I had to pop out this morning with the camera and on the way back to the office decided that it was too beautiful a morning to miss. Spent a little while in Jubilee Park, Canary Wharf. Love this park its only 2 minutes from the office and is always popular. Sun was out, people were in their shirt sleeves and the blossoms are on the trees. I am not a winter lover so when spring comes along it makes me very happy. 


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I dont like the cold but ….

…… I am secretly hoping it snows.  Love snow photos. Especially as in London the snow never hangs around for long. Really need to get the camera out.

It only came out of the bag once this week to do a bit of photography at work. It was just a room set up for a function but something a little bit different for me as I usually photograph people. There is a new chef at work and hoping to do some food shots too. Trouble is it will make me hungry LOL. I am so easily led when it comes to food. Absolutely the simplicity of the flowers – Looking forward to spring and the longer , warmer days x


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Wedding of Sophie and Amardeep – SE London Wedding Photography

As promised I am at catching on Wedding this year. This is a glimpse of Sophie and Amardeeps Wedding. Shame it rained so the service was inside but then the sun came out and we had fun in the grounds. Shame Amardeep split his trousers but lucky the Hire Shop was able to rush a new pair too him before the first dance.




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Capture the Everyday – SE London Location Photography

This is the age of the selfie – but sometimes your camera phone is not enough. Since spending so much time with my granddaughter its the little things I love to capture. Don’t get me wrong I love to get her down the studio but equally sitting in her high chair getting mess, when she plays with a bit of fluff and her reactions to her surrounding. Reportage photography is my absolute favourite because these are the little things. Not the weddings or parties but the everyday little things that make you love life.







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Been away for a few days – Up t’North

Will do a more detailed (well more photos at least) entry soon, but had a few days up in Liverpool and Newcastle, it would be rude not to visit the Rusty Angel.

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Not your everyday photo experience – Aerial Photography SE London

I had my first experience of Aerial Photography yesterday and have to say. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was Cold, windy and bumpy but still great fun and even managed to get some shots that were in focus.  My door was closed so I had to shoot through a plastic window but actually like the photography of Peter sitting by the open door.


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Long Exposure Portrait Fun – SE London Portrait Photograph

Demi paid a visit to the studio on Saturday. I have not had a catch up for ages because Demi has been working in Disneyland Paris for a while. Its so great to have someone in the studio who enjoys the camera. It  means I get to play and practice some techniques that I haven’t used for a while – Long exposure which flash is one of them. Here are the results – I am loving them.


Demi1Demi 2

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SE London Newborn Photography – Poppi comes to the studio

Thought I would put some of the content back on the blog. Afterall one post really isn’t a blog is it LOL

Heres Poppi again, isn’t she the cutest thing.

easter bunny IMG_8765sm IMG_8801fc  Strawberry

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