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When photos are all you have left ….

I have always loved photos. Looking back and remembering a holiday, a school trip, a wedding etc. I also love historical photos that tell the story of human progression (or not in some cases). Just before Christmas my mum died quite suddenly and it has just reinforced how important photos are, especially when that is all you have of that person. I am struggling to remember mums voice but I can look at a photo a see her smile, or the colour of her hair. My siblings have been clearing mums house and one of the first things my brother said is we have found loads of photographs. 

When I think how important my photographs of my mum are to me it reinforces just how much the photos I do for Remember My Baby must mean to families who only have a very fleeting time with their babies. 

It has to be said – sometimes life is shit. Miss you mum xx

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Capture the Everyday – SE London Location Photography

This is the age of the selfie – but sometimes your camera phone is not enough. Since spending so much time with my granddaughter its the little things I love to capture. Don’t get me wrong I love to get her down the studio but equally sitting in her high chair getting mess, when she plays with a bit of fluff and her reactions to her surrounding. Reportage photography is my absolute favourite because these are the little things. Not the weddings or parties but the everyday little things that make you love life.







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Where does the time go? SE London Family Photographer

Seems to have been ages since a posted on the blog. Life is just so hectic. Been busy in the studio though also had a Wedding. I will do a post about that later but for now here is some cuteness by way of an apology for neglecting the blog.

Chase & MadisonLiam


I don’t get my Camera out enough at the moment.

Missing way to many moments with the grandchildren. I have been keeping my Camera upstairs but think it needs to come down. I need to be able to grab it when the Grandbabies are round and just get them doing what come naturally. I am also having a love affair with Black and White at the moment.







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Princess T’s first photo-shoot – SE London Newborn Photography

There are many rewards that I have discovered being a Grandma. One the tonnes of love without so much of the worry,  two you can hand them back, and of course, three you have a model that you can get your hands virtually whenever you want.
Tianna or Princess T as I keep referring to her as, because she really is my little princess had her first studio shoot at just 4 days new.

Love this little girl so much.




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Birth of a Granddaughter – Welcome to the World Tianna Lisa

There is nothing more amazing than new life. When that new life is the child of your child that takes on a whole new level amazement , wonder, love and pride. I cannot put into words how proud I am of Bradley and Jordan.  Jordan went through a long slow labour and produced the most amazing little girl without one word of complaint or even noise. The room was calm she did what was wanted of her and the end result was amazing. Bradley didn’t pass out (never thought you would really 🙂 ) and was encouraging, supportive and loving during the entire time. They have made a wonderful start, if they carry on like this they will have a wonderful life. Love you all so much xxxx

IMG_9318 EquipmentIMG_9325familyIMG_9360

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Birthday Wishes Lisa – Thinking of you on your 40th Birthday

Yesterday would have been Lisa’s 40th Birthday. Not just thinking of Lisa but her family especially Jordan, Ricky and Lesley. I know you miss her every day so I am thinking of you too.

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