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Chubby Heart at Canary Wharf

Anya Hindmarch, the luxury fashion label, has suspended giant red heart-shaped balloons over London landmarks as a love letter to London. 

When they are just outside you building it would be rude not to have a photo. 

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The sun is out – although there was rain too. 

Popped out to see Old Flo now she has been in her new home for nearly 6 months. 

Still people enjoying copying her pose and taking photos. 


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Funeral Photos – Should you ?

In December we lost our mum quite suddenly. There was so much to do and so much to think about. Eventually came the question of photographing the funeral. Being a photographer I was all for it (although the family didn’t want me to do it). Some of the family wanted and some didn’t. Some thought it would be intrusive and just be a distraction.  I have photographed several funerals and I really wanted photographers. I asked my very special friend Cheryl Johnson from Feelgoodphotos to take photographs for us. I am so glad we did get them done. I think even the family members who had their misgivings were surprised that they weren’t morbid but a beautiful record of our goodbye to mum. 

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