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When photos are all you have left ….

I have always loved photos. Looking back and remembering a holiday, a school trip, a wedding etc. I also love historical photos that tell the story of human progression (or not in some cases). Just before Christmas my mum died quite suddenly and it has just reinforced how important photos are, especially when that is all you have of that person. I am struggling to remember mums voice but I can look at a photo a see her smile, or the colour of her hair. My siblings have been clearing mums house and one of the first things my brother said is we have found loads of photographs. 

When I think how important my photographs of my mum are to me it reinforces just how much the photos I do for Remember My Baby must mean to families who only have a very fleeting time with their babies. 

It has to be said – sometimes life is shit. Miss you mum xx

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