What I do when I get bored

So today I came to work. Yes I know its a Sunday. There is some filming on site today and crew are going to be late. 

So done a few emails, bit of a tidy up – then what. 

Well it has to be film the coffee machine and make a gif out of it doesn’t it!


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Got to love an outfit – SE London Family photography

Before her Cake Smash Skylar had several changes of clothes. Doesn’t she look amazing. Such a little poppet.

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Cake Smash day – SE London Photographer

Happy Birthday Skylar for the 1st May. 

Skylar came to the studio this weekend. Mummy brought her to see me and she had lots of lovely outfits which I will be sharing in the next few days and she was a little star.  Think she enjoyed her cake.  We love a cake smash at Abbey Wood Studios.  Some much fun and so messy. Skylar got stuck in but enjoyed trying to eat her beads almost as much as the cake. 



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Its all in a days work

I am lucky enough to have two work lives. My day job at Canary Wharf and Studio work which is my passion. At my day job my role has changed beyond belief in the last couple of years. One of my greatest joys is that a camera has been bought for me to keep at work. Now I can take on some of the photography jobs that we need doing. I am loving it. Its a bit scary because I can pick and choose so some may be out of my comfort zone but its all good. Loving trying new things


Ollie Quinn

Ollie Quinn






One Park Drive Pop-op

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Day out to East London to watch West Ham at London Stadium

And a good day was had by all – well if you are a West Ham fan at least.

Weather was lovely and although the football wasn’t as pretty as you would like West Ham won in what was a massive match for them. As usual the camera had to come along.

Well would be rude not too.

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Finally feels like spring has sprung – Blue skies and blossoms

I had to pop out this morning with the camera and on the way back to the office decided that it was too beautiful a morning to miss. Spent a little while in Jubilee Park, Canary Wharf. Love this park its only 2 minutes from the office and is always popular. Sun was out, people were in their shirt sleeves and the blossoms are on the trees. I am not a winter lover so when spring comes along it makes me very happy. 


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Food Photography – SE London Photogrpaher

Variety is the spice of life. Love that I get to take photos of just about everything. Last week was food week. Made me so hungry. Only had a minute of two to photograph these as there were being served so had to make sure that I got them done and then they were served.  

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I dont like the cold but ….

…… I am secretly hoping it snows.  Love snow photos. Especially as in London the snow never hangs around for long. Really need to get the camera out.

It only came out of the bag once this week to do a bit of photography at work. It was just a room set up for a function but something a little bit different for me as I usually photograph people. There is a new chef at work and hoping to do some food shots too. Trouble is it will make me hungry LOL. I am so easily led when it comes to food. Absolutely the simplicity of the flowers – Looking forward to spring and the longer , warmer days x


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Winter Lights Festival at Canary Wharf – SE London Location Photographer

I can’t believe we are at the end of January already. Christmas seems an age ago. For the last two weeks Canary Wharf has hosted it annual Winter Lights Festival and despite the cold it had an amazing turn out. I braved the cold last Tuesday but didn’t manage to get round the whole exhibition.

Here are just a few of the amazing installations, Although the first photo is just the office and tree lights but I love this view 🙂

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Photographing Macey – SE London Newborn Photography

I love newborn photography. Even more so when the little one is question is my new Granddaughter. Took her a while to settle but eventually she went off. She was the perfect model and let nanny have a good long play.

There will be more to follow of that you can be sure.

Please don’t try this at home. We always work in a baby safe way and some images involve compositing two images together so that we don’t put babies at risk.

If you are interested in a newborn  baby session get in touch. Ideally newborn sessions should take place in the first 14 days.  Time flies and before you know it you are thinking of what to do for their first birthday.

I also do maternity and  birth photography  – give me a call or contact me via my contact me page for details.





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