Photography by Lesley Johnson

Will do a more detailed (well more photos at least) entry soon, but had a few days up in Liverpool and Newcastle, it would be rude not to visit the Rusty Angel. RustyAngelPanorama

Seems to have been ages since a posted on the blog. Life is just so hectic. Been busy in the studio though also had a Wedding. I will do a post about that later but for now here is some cuteness by way of an apology for neglecting the blog.

Chase & MadisonLiam drew

I had my first experience of Aerial Photography yesterday and have to say. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was Cold, windy and bumpy but still great fun and even managed to get some shots that were in focus.  My door was closed so I had to shoot through a plastic window but actually like the photography of Peter sitting by the open door.


Especially when the grandbabies are here – just look at those eyes. Liam is 4 months old – cant believe how fast it has gone and how grown up he look. WOW they grow too fast.

Liam2 Liam


Missing way to many moments with the grandchildren. I have been keeping my Camera upstairs but think it needs to come down. I need to be able to grab it when the Grandbabies are round and just get them doing what come naturally. I am also having a love affair with Black and White at the moment.


IMG_1074 IMG_1073 IMG_1072 IMG_1070 IMG_1069

The Big Issue team have launched their latest imitative. Change Please are coffee vans run by the organisation.

Instead of buying a coffee from one of the Non Tax Paying big boys why not get your coffee from Change Please.

This on is located near Reuters Plaza Canary Wharf.


Change please


Apart from being a brilliant sport and letting me try all sorts of things in the studio, Demi is also a natural in front of the lens. She is so much fun and hopefully her fun sense of humour is reflected in her images.

IMG_1732-BW IMG_1666-bw

Demi paid a visit to the studio on Saturday. I have not had a catch up for ages because Demi has been working in Disneyland Paris for a while. Its so great to have someone in the studio who enjoys the camera. It  means I get to play and practice some techniques that I haven’t used for a while – Long exposure which flash is one of them. Here are the results – I am loving them.

Demi3 Demi1Demi 2

You may remember on my old blog before it died the wedding of Kim & David at Cooling Castle. If not  here is a quick reminder.


outside rapeseed

Well time has moved on and they have now been joined by the very cute and well behaved Oliver. He was a little star and is the sweetest little boy. Huge Congratulations to both of you. Hoping we will be updating the blog regularly as he grows xxx




fbkim fbDavidfbTeddy fbSuitcase fbSleeping fbO fbNest

There are many rewards that I have discovered being a Grandma. One the tonnes of love without so much of the worry,  two you can hand them back, and of course, three you have a model that you can get your hands virtually whenever you want.
Tianna or Princess T as I keep referring to her as, because she really is my little princess had her first studio shoot at just 4 days new.

Love this little girl so much.

IMG_9447-900 IMG_9442-900 IMG_9429-900