Photography by Lesley Johnson

I had the pleasure of Photographing the Jack Pack who were appearing at Canary Wharf to kick start the Autumn/Winter fashion shows that are taking place from today till Sunday.

Lovely bunch of guys – I know a lot of people were hoping they would be here all weekend and I know a lot were very upset to miss the chance of seeing them.

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There is currently an art exhibition at Canary Wharf featuring pieces remembering the sacrifice and service of members of the armed forces.

Well worth a trip.

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Had a lovely day at the weekend when my Nephew and his family came to the studio. Can’t wait to meet the newest edition to the family when she finally arrives so for now I had to be content with a maternity shoot.


Three years ago today my beautiful Niece Gemma married Jason in a beautiful hand tying ceremony.

Love to you both and the twins who was the stars of the show.


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As promised I am at catching on Wedding this year. This is a glimpse of Sophie and Amardeeps Wedding. Shame it rained so the service was inside but then the sun came out and we had fun in the grounds. Shame Amardeep split his trousers but lucky the Hire Shop was able to rush a new pair too him before the first dance.

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This is the age of the selfie – but sometimes your camera phone is not enough. Since spending so much time with my granddaughter its the little things I love to capture. Don’t get me wrong I love to get her down the studio but equally sitting in her high chair getting mess, when she plays with a bit of fluff and her reactions to her surrounding. Reportage photography is my absolute favourite because these are the little things. Not the weddings or parties but the everyday little things that make you love life.

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You know things have been a bit manic when you realise you have not blogged at least 3 Weddings.

Well I won’t do them all in one post. So here is my first one of the Year – Megan and Stephen. Megan is the daughter of a friend who I met when we were both Gamesmakers in 2012 at the Paralympics . Seems fitting then that although the post is long overdue, I am posting it during the Paralympics. Was a lovely day and for once I got the bubble shot without needing to add any in Photoshop. Got to love a bubble machine.

Congratulations Megan & Stephen xxx



Megan & Stevens Wedding Megan & Stevens WeddingMegan & Stevens WeddingMegan & Stevens WeddingMegan & Stevens Wedding

Will do a more detailed (well more photos at least) entry soon, but had a few days up in Liverpool and Newcastle, it would be rude not to visit the Rusty Angel.

Seems to have been ages since a posted on the blog. Life is just so hectic. Been busy in the studio though also had a Wedding. I will do a post about that later but for now here is some cuteness by way of an apology for neglecting the blog.

Chase & MadisonLiam drew

I had my first experience of Aerial Photography yesterday and have to say. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was Cold, windy and bumpy but still great fun and even managed to get some shots that were in focus.  My door was closed so I had to shoot through a plastic window but actually like the photography of Peter sitting by the open door.